Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas Inspiration... The Irish Fairy Door Company.

With Christmas only 6 weeks away, I thought I'd review something a little different for the holiday season. 

These handcrafted wooden fairy doors from The Irish Fairy Door Company are just brilliant. They would make a great present for any little child and they're something completely different. 

Imagine as a child and having your very own magical Fairy Door. I know I would have loved this when I was growing up. 

These can be used indoors or outdoors. 

My little boy absolutely loves these fairy doors, one of his fairy godmothers bought him one about 6 months ago and he still loves it and plays with it regularly. 

So he thought long and hard where this one should go. So the decision was made to put the fairy door in his bedroom, on the skirting board. So that's where it went. We placed the little set of stepping stones leading to the door and the little bottle with the key inside was placed carefully beside the door, so the fairies would be able to find it and let themselves in. This is all part of the magic of the doors, the fairy takes the key to get in through the door and set up home, and they keep the little key and leave an empty bottle. So you know when your fairy has arrived. 

These doors come in all shapes and colours. There is also a range of accessories to make your fairies home more comfortable. From a little bench and a guitar to a washing line with clothes and many more. The magic goes on and on. 

These are available from their website www.theirishfairydoorcompany.com check them out. 

The doors cost €24.95 which includes delivery and the accessories vary in price. 

These really are so cute and a perfect present for Christmas. 

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