Thursday, 28 August 2014

McArthur Natural Products!!

Was lucky to get the chance to review these amazing McArthur Natural Products.

Couldn't wait to start using these. Like always I use the creams for at least 14 days. 

All these McArthur Products are natural and contain PawPaw extract. PawPaw meaning Carica Papaya, which is full of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins A, C and E. 

First up was the Scalp Care Shampoo, with 30% pawpaw extract and the Scalp Care Conditioner has 2% pawpaw extract. Loved these 2 products used together, the shampoo makes your hair feel so squeaky clean. It also works a treat for dry scalp. The conditioner also is great, hair feels really conditioned after using this. These bottles lasted a really long time too. 

The Complete Skincare Soap, with 20% pawpaw extract, is really nice too, you get 3 bars in the pack. There isn't a strong smell from the soap but it does smell really good. 

The Complete Skincare Cream contains 60% pawpaw extract. This cream is amazing for dry skin, I used this after my holidays on my sun burn and it really helped with my peeling skin. It's quite thick and your skin feels so moisturised after using this. 

Last was the Hydrating Facial Cream, containing 25% pawpaw extract. This cream is really good, it's consistency is quite thick, so you need that extra time to let this cream completely dry into your skin before you apply make up, otherwise it will flake. I loved this cream as a night cream, I used it most for this. 

All these McArthur Products are really great, check them out

These products are Australian so Prices are in Australian Dollar. 

•Scalp Care Shampoo $27.95. 250mls.
•Scalp Care Conditioner $16.95. 250mls.
•Complete Skincare Soap 3pk $19.95.
•Complete Skincare Cream $27.95. 100mls.
•Hydrating Facial Cream $32.95. 50mls.

This week McArthur Natural Products have had a makeover, so check out the new look below on the complete range of products.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Billion Dollar Brows

I've been using these 2 products by Billion Dollar Brows for the last month and I have to say I really love them. 

The Brow Boost is amazing, it's a deep conditioning treatment that helps to strengthen and condition over-plucked, thin brows. I think it really works. Ive been using this before I go to bed and I can definitely notice a difference in my brows. They definitely look fuller to me. I'm really impressed with this product. 

This costs €29.95 

The Brow Duo Pencil is also a really great product. It's a 2 in 1 highlighter and concealer. The highlighter allows you to highlight the brow bone to ad definition, simply glide the highlighter over your brow bone and under your eyebrow and blend in. Really works great. The concealer is just a normal concealer, it's a nice one though. Also very handy having both on the same pencil and small enough to carry in your bag too. 

This costs €25.95

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Irish Rain!!

Irish rain, natural skincare!! 

I've been using this regenerative cellular repair cream from Irish Rain for the last couple of weeks.

Have you ever tried any of their products? All their products are organic and made in Ireland. 

This is the only one I've tried so far but after using this, i'd definitely be keen to try some of the others they have available. 

The ingredients they use are just amazing for your skin, some of which are geranium, sandalwood, patchouli, frankincense and rosewood. So you can imagine how good it smells and these ingredients work wonders for your skin from stimulating growth of new cells to calming red capillaries and so much more. 

Check out the website for a full list of  the powers in this cream.

This cream I've been using is suitable for all skin types. It's intensive moisture, active restorative and collagen enhancing facial moisturiser. I must say, I do love this cream, it smells great, it's fast absorbing when used in small amounts and my skin is feeling and looking in great condition. 

This cream costs €24.99 and they offer free delivery. They're also stocked in health stores and pharmacies throughout the country, so keep your eyes out for them.

Go take a look at their website 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

The Body Shop Hand Creams!!

I'm really not great at using hand cream, I always forget, but since using these Body Shop hand creams  I seem to be using them 10 times a day, they're that nice. They smell so good, they're my new favourite beauty must have. 

I've been using the Strawberry hand cream and the Moringa hand cream

They cost €5.95 each for 30mls.

They have other lots of other options available in this hand cream range. 

Check them out at or visit your local body shop store and pick one up. You'll love these, they really are amazing.  They're a perfect size to carry in your handbag too. 

My hands have never been in such good condition, my skin is so moisturised and soft, I'll definitely always have one of these from now on. I just can't get enough of the smell. The strawberry is definitely my favourite. I love these. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Juice Beauty, the organic solution!!

It's always important to have a good face cream with a high factor, especially when jetting off to the sunny climate of Feurteventura. 

So I packed my Juice Beauty Factor 30, oil free moisturiser and was good to go. 

This moisturiser worked perfectly for the 28 degree heat I was happily enduring. 

I don't like using just your normal sun cream brands on my face as I find these can be very greasy and can give a breakout of unwanted blemishes. I always find those sun creams to sweat of your face quite easily too exposing your forehead to the sun and then being sunburnt on your forehead for the rest off your holiday. Not only is it not a good look but it hurts like hell. 

This moisturiser worked great, i found it to be a thick textured cream but not at all greasy. You can feel your skin being protected when wearing this moisturiser. It worked great for me, I was so pleased with it. 

It's also organic, which I love in beauty products. It's full of great antioxidant ingredients. 

This moisturiser costs $29.

They have a great range of beauty products. 

Check out their website

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Studios Cosmetics!!

Was so excited to receive and review these amazing products from Studio Cosmetics. 

First was the beautiful makeup by Glazel Visage.

I've tried the following items:

Glazel visage lip liner €14.50

Glazel visage anti age make up was €29.50 now €20.65

Glazel pearl eye-shadow colour p65 €12.20

Glazel matt eye-shadow colour ms33 €13.80

Glazel visage mascara was €15.50 now €12.40

Glazel visage loose mini eye-shadow colour g3 was €7.90 now €4.75

I Love these make up products, all of them are great to use and wear really well. They have a massive range of make up, check them out

There are lots of discounts available at the moment too so take a look at what's on offer. 

Here's some pictures of the make up on myself using all of the above mentioned Glazel Visage products!

Then there was the Body Products. Oh these are amazing, they smell so good. 

Tutti frutti bath oil cherry and currant 500ml €8.90 now €7.15

Tutti frutti peach and mango body moose 275ml €10.25 

Sweet secret chocolate body wash 225ml € 9.55 now €7.65

If your a chocolate lover like myself, you need to try this chocolate body wash. It's so chocolaty and even looks like chocolate. The whole bathroom smells of chocolate when I use this in the shower, it's amazing. 

The cherry and current bath oil is beautiful, turns your bath water red and it's smells absolutely beautiful, leaves your skin feeling great. You'll love having a soak with this bath oil, it's my favorite. 

The peach and mango body moose is equally as fantastic, used daily, my skin feels great and well moisturised. It also smells delicious, so sweet and fruity and the smell doesn't wear off, I can smell it from my skin throughout the day, which I love. 

Take a look at their website if you haven't already, the extensive range of products is amazing, there's something for everyone and the products are great. 

Friday, 8 August 2014

Tan Organic

Never tried this Tan Organic before so I was excited to see how it turned out. I'm quite pale so I did a light coverage at first to see what the colour was going to turn out like. 

This tan has a very watery consistency and is orange is colour, quite scary when you first look at the colour, I must admit. As it's so watery it's quite easy to apply. Blends in easy enough and because it's not a thick tan it dried in quite fast too, which is great. 

The results are : 
First application -

Second application -

I definitely needed the second application as I didn't use enough the first time around. 

This is a really nice tan, wears well and wore off nice enough. The Organic Tan Erase is brilliant, it really shifted those stubborn parts, like ankles and heels. You can use this dry or wet, both work really well. 

When doing an all over tan, I do be very careful and use the smallest amount of tan on my face. This Tan Organic Duo Bronzing Powder just tops it off perfectly, gives your face a really nice summer glow. Love this. 

Love these 3 Tan Organic Products, they worked brilliantly and perfectly. 

Check them out if you haven't already.

Pricing for the products I used:
Tan €20
Tan Erase €14.99
Bronzing Powder €29.90

They have more Tan Organic Products on the website, go take a look. All these products are organic, made from natural ingredients, are Eco friendly and PETA approved. 

Their products are really great, take a look at their website for more information on the products, they're also sold in stores around the county so try them out.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pure Green, 3 Day Juice Cleanse.

Was really excited to try this Pure Green Juice Cleanse, they seem to be so popular at the minute. 

3 days, 12 juices, 4 a day. 

Juices delivered to the door, kept cold on ice, all ready to go for the 3 days. You must Keep the juices in the fridge. 

You get all the information you need and a list of what juices to have when, so it's easy to follow. 

Day 1. Enerjuice.
Scared at first, took a couple of sips, expecting the worst, but then realised that it actually wasn't bad at all. Having made green juices before, I'm aware of the sheer volume of raw materials required to give 500ml.
I do feel kind of hungry and do regret no filling up on carbs the night before!

Liquid Lunch.
Decided to take my time with this one, unlike what i had done earlier with 'Energise' and drank it very fast.
This one was really easy to drink, quite refreshing. However i find swirling it around in your mouth as opposed to chewing it as advised is better and easier. Consistency is a little thicker than energise and slightly sweeter.
I had a very slight headache by this stage, which they advise can happen, but nothing major.

This one is even easier to drink. It's  fruity and tasty and very watery, unlike energise and liquid-lunch that are a bit thicker.
Starving, so not used to not eating, had 2 boiled eggs. (This is okay if needed) 

Ginger tonic
Much like a normal fruit juice in consistency. Drank this one from a glass for a change. 
Tasted delicious and definitely put my food cravings at bay.
Went to bed very early as I felt quite cranky.

Day 2. Enerjuice.
Easy to drink and I took my time drinking it. I knew what to expect from yesterday. Don't feel as hungry and headache was almost gone by this stage. 

As it says on the instructions, toughest of the lot and not for faint hearted. Really took my time with this one as it was really difficult to drink. Not nice tasting at all. This is definitely the worst one for me. 

Ginger tonic.
For some reason this is 3rd on the list to take today. Lovely change from the superjuice. Drank with water. Felt energised but fuzzy headed. Very hungry so I had 2 boiled eggs. (they say you can do this if your very hungry)

Last one of the day. Even more delicious second time around. Stomach rumbles every few minutes. You can actually feel how empty your body is. Head feels kind of numb. Another early night, to stop thinking about food. Very hungry indeed. 

Day 3. Energise.
First one is always easy. Hunger had completely gone. Very mild headache again. All in all feeling good. 

Liquid lunch. 
Easy to drink. Could feel my insides crying with joy as i drank this, hungry again, glad this is the last day.
Had loads of energy, sense of smell has changed. Can smell the slightest thing. Fuziness in my head completely gone also. 

Love this now. I think I was just happy it's nearing the end. A little thicker than the liquid lunch and very beetroot tasting. 
Nearly there, only one left, yay!! 

Ginger tonic.
Lovely way to end the detox. Light refreshing and fruity. Feel like I had loads of energy by this stage. 

Overall the cleanse was very hard at times and something very easy. The early nights definitely helped. I love food so was very hard not to eat like I usually do. 

These cleanses can be great, especially if you've overdone it with rich foods over the last couple of weeks like I did while I was on holiday, as you do. These are raw, cold pressed, 100% natural juices and are full of goodness. Check out the list of ingredients on the website. 

Check these guys out. 

Their raw juice shops are in George's street arcade and Abbey street, Dublin. Their also stocked in shops all over Dublin, check out your local stockist on their website

This 3 day cleanse costs €75 and they have other options available so go take a look. 

Do you think you could do this 3 day cleanse? 

I've lost about 4lbs over the 3 days which is a great bonus for me. 

Take a look at what they've got available, you should definitely try these juices even as part of your diet. 

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Tint Your Brows At Home!!

I'm forever buying products for my eyebrows, I've even tried HD brows, when I came across this in Boots Pharmacy. 30 day mascara and brow dye kit by Colorsport. 

I only wanted to try it for my brows, it's really easy to use, Instructions are so simple to follow. 

Step 1. Apply the colour solution to your brow with a cotton bud, working it into the hair, repeat this process a couple of times. Leave for 1 minute. 

Step 2. Apply the colour gel to your brow with a cotton bud, again working it in the hair, with the brush provided. 

Wait a couple of minutes and wipe off and clean with water. 


I actually really like this little kit, the colour grabs onto those little fine hairs and makes the brow look that little bit darker and fuller. 

This kit will last a long time so you'll get lots of applications out of it, at least 12. You can also tint your eyelashes too and get the eye protection papers in the kit. 

It costs €15 and does exactly what it says it will do. I got dark brown but it's also available in black.

Love these little DIY beauty kits. 

Friday, 1 August 2014

Dream Dots!!

Have you seen these? Dream Dots, Say Goodbye To Spots!! 

I was really excited to try these out, they finally arrived and I had to wait and wait for a blemish to appear, typical.. 

While I was awaiting a blemish to appear, I gave some to 3 family members to sample, there were mixed results from all 3, so I was ever more eager to try them for myself. 

Finally I got to try these out, 2 different types of blemishes, worked really well for one and made it literally disappear the next day. Didn't work as well when I tried it the second time round. 

They are easy to use, after you've washed your face, put these little round clear dots on your blemish and leave them to work overnight and then peel off the next morning. 

I personally love this idea, usually if I've a blemish, I'd use sudocream or tea-tree oil, but as soon as you roll over on the pillow it's wiped off. With these dream dots, its firmly stuck in place to work it's magic overnight, drawing out any 

From my experience so far using Dream Dots, I love them, I'll definitely always have a pack in the house. 

You get 24 dots in a pack for €14.95 

Check them out

They've also got them stocked in most pharmacies so keep your eye out for them and pick up a pack to try for yourself!!