Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Juice Beauty, the organic solution!!

It's always important to have a good face cream with a high factor, especially when jetting off to the sunny climate of Feurteventura. 

So I packed my Juice Beauty Factor 30, oil free moisturiser and was good to go. 

This moisturiser worked perfectly for the 28 degree heat I was happily enduring. 

I don't like using just your normal sun cream brands on my face as I find these can be very greasy and can give a breakout of unwanted blemishes. I always find those sun creams to sweat of your face quite easily too exposing your forehead to the sun and then being sunburnt on your forehead for the rest off your holiday. Not only is it not a good look but it hurts like hell. 

This moisturiser worked great, i found it to be a thick textured cream but not at all greasy. You can feel your skin being protected when wearing this moisturiser. It worked great for me, I was so pleased with it. 

It's also organic, which I love in beauty products. It's full of great antioxidant ingredients. 

This moisturiser costs $29.

They have a great range of beauty products. 

Check out their website www.juicebeauty.com

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