Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Lash Boost, Lash Extension Fibres.

Check out these products from Catrice Cosmetics. 

Lash Boost Lash Extension Fibres and Lash Extension Mascara.

The Lash Fibres are really easy to use. You apply your mascara like normal and while the mascara is still wet, you apply the Lash Extension Fibres. You apply this like a mascara also, the fibres then stick to the wet mascara. Then you apply another coat of mascara and it's done. 

Check out the results in the picture. 

It's really quite clever, it also wears well throughout the day. This gets a definite thumbs up from me. 

The Lash Extension Mascara costs €4.49

The Lash Boost Lash Extension Fibres cost €4.99 

Check them out
There also stocked in stores and pharmacies nationwide. 

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