Thursday, 11 September 2014

Have a Superl!fe..

Take a look at these great products from Superl!fe. We're all very health conscious these days and these products are perfect to fit into your everyday life. 

I've been trying out a few of these amazing organic products and they're quite impressive.  

The Mrs Green Mix is a powder blend of 15 superfoods which can be added to your smoothies or juices. It's full of protein and fibre. This power contains Spirilina, yellow maca, acai, wheat grass, black maca, chlorella, reishi mushroom, cinnamon, tulsi, cacao, shatavari, turmeric, kelp, ashwagandha, moringa. The benefits from all these ingredients are amazing and a full list of what each ingredient is good for is available on the website 

This mix is called Mrs Green Mix for a reason, it supports the hormonal and reproductive system and eases pms and more. I tried this with water and orange juice and I found it hard to drink so I like it best in fruit smoothies as it disguises the taste.

The mix is also available in Mr Green Mix which my husband is using at the moment, he doesn't like the taste either. 

These mixes cost €12.95 each for 120g. Considering you only need to use a teaspoon full in your drink, this pouch will last a long time. 

You can also get the original green mix which contains 8 superfoods, including hemp, cacao, maca, kelp, spirilina, chlorella, barleygrass and lucuma. Used in the same way by adding it to drinks. This costs €19.95 for 300g.

I've also been trying the superfood breakfast toppings, these are available in original, with acai and with coconut.

These contain 5 superfoods in one serving, including chia, cacao, hemp, goji and mulberries. The acai one has cinnamon in it also. Then my favourite has added coconut. These have no added sugar, are gluten and dairy free. You can sprinkle this topping on anything really, including porridge, cereal, fruit, I've even tried adding mine into smoothies too. These taste great and are good for a healthy nibble. 

These cost €10.95 each for 300g and the one with added acai costs €11.95 for 300g.

They offer discounts on multipacks and delivery within Ireland is free.

They also stock these products in Nourish, The Health Store and many more, take a look at the website for your nearest stockists. 

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