Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Chia Bia

Check out these great products from Chia Bia. 

I've been trying out the Milled Chia Seeds, Whole Chia Seeds, Chia & Blueberry Mix and Chia & Cranberry Mix and the Nutrient Bars. 

These Chia Bia Seeds are very easy to eat, as you just sprinkle or add them to cereals, drinks, salads, anything really. They're  so small that you don't really notice them and by adding these your adding omega 3, protein, fibre and antioxidants to your food. 

They're gluten free, trans fat free, pesticide free, sugar free and have no GMO. 

Chia absorbs up to 10 times its weight in water which will keep you hydrated for longer and feeling fuller for longer too. 

These are super foods at its best, they help with digestive disorders, balance blood sugar levels naturally, increase your energy levels, are a natural anti-inflammatory, improve memory and concentration and the fact that they make you feel fuller for longer it helps stop those cravings, so will stop you snacking. 

I really enjoyed the Nutrient Bars, they're great to pop in your bag when your on the go. My favourite was the Chocolate Cranberry & Coconut. I've also tried the Chocolate Apricot & Pumpkin and the Chocolate Nut & Seed. The 3 were all very tasty, my husband absolutely loves these bars too. 

If you haven't already tried these products, you must, they really are fantastic. Check out the website 

These products are stocked in health stores nationwide and most supermarkets, try them out. 

•Milled seeds costs €3.99 for 100g or €9.99 for 400g.

•Whole seeds cost €3.99 for 100g or €9.99 for 400g.

•Blueberry Mix costs €9.99 for 260g.

•Cranberry Mix costs €9.99 for 260g

•Nutrient Bars cost €1.40 each 

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