Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Ark. Age Aware Skincare..

Skincare products designed for our specific age groups.

I've been using these 4 products for a while now and the 4 of them used together has worked wonders for my skin. These specific ones are designed for skin up to early 30s.

They have lots of other skincare products for all ages. Check them out. 

I badly needed a new skincare regime and this worked perfectly for me. 

1• Cleanse, used twice daily on dampened skin, massage into face and neck and rinse with warm water. 

2• Exfoliate, same as above, I've been doing this daily before bedtime. 

3• Moisturise, morning and evening, it's a really nice moisturiser, drys in quickly which is great, not at all oily or greasy. 

I've been using the mask a couple of times a week too, which is great, as some masks give me breakouts, this one didn't. 

This was the Age Aware Discovery Collection, costs £28 for the 4, 30ml bottles and comes in a travel bag. These are ideal for traveling, perfect size and these 30ml bottles last a long time too. 

I love these Ark products, check out what other products they have available on their website

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