Monday, 1 September 2014

Miracle Matcha Pure Nutrition!!

Have you heard about Matcha Tea?  

It's health benefits are amazing. These products are really great as there is something for everyone, from tea to chocolate to health mix, all containing White Tea Matcha. 

This miracle matcha is made from 100% high grade pure white tea matcha. It's contains the antioxidants polyphenol and catechins, which helps fight and prevent diseases and is an excellent source of protein and fibre. It's fairtrade, vegetarian society and rain forest alliance approved. It's also suitable for diabetics. 

I've been using the all these amazing products for the last few weeks.  

Health Mix-In. This costs £7.99 for 300g
I love this mix in, it can be used whichever way you like. I've been sprinkling it on my cereal and in smoothies but you can use it lots of other ways too, in yogurts, salads most meals really. It tastes nice too, so ads an extra flavor to your food. It's full of healthy goodness. It contains the White Tea Miracle Matcha, goji berries, chia seeds and flax seeds. 

Health Shots. These cost £12.99 for 7, 70ml shots. 
These taste so nice, they contain the white tea miracle matcha and cranberry juice. Best served cold, they're so handy when you're on the go. 

Pure White Tea Powder. This costs £29.99 for 40g. You only need to use a quarter tea spoon per cup so this tin will last a really long time. This tea contains the highest recorded levels of the anti oxidant polyphenol. You can ad this to any food, so it's really easy to take. 

Pure White Tea Capsules. These cost £14.99 for 60 capsules. The easiest of all to take, for a convenient daily antioxidant supplement. 2 capsules per day is recommended. I love these, I like convenience of them. 

Chococru Miracle Bars. These cost £3.99 for 75g. They're available in milk, dark and white chocolate with extra flavors. I've tried the cinnamon and honey milk chocolate. They were really really tasty, i much preferred the honey flavor though. So this chocolate is full of white tea matcha so it's actually good for you. Music to my ears. Check these out, they're so nice. 

I love all these products, every one of them is great and easy to take and eat. They all taste good too which is an extra bonus. 

Check them out www.miracle

They have special offers on at the moment too. 

They're also stocked in Holland & Barrett. Go check these products out, there amazing. 

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