Thursday, 28 August 2014

McArthur Natural Products!!

Was lucky to get the chance to review these amazing McArthur Natural Products.

Couldn't wait to start using these. Like always I use the creams for at least 14 days. 

All these McArthur Products are natural and contain PawPaw extract. PawPaw meaning Carica Papaya, which is full of antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins A, C and E. 

First up was the Scalp Care Shampoo, with 30% pawpaw extract and the Scalp Care Conditioner has 2% pawpaw extract. Loved these 2 products used together, the shampoo makes your hair feel so squeaky clean. It also works a treat for dry scalp. The conditioner also is great, hair feels really conditioned after using this. These bottles lasted a really long time too. 

The Complete Skincare Soap, with 20% pawpaw extract, is really nice too, you get 3 bars in the pack. There isn't a strong smell from the soap but it does smell really good. 

The Complete Skincare Cream contains 60% pawpaw extract. This cream is amazing for dry skin, I used this after my holidays on my sun burn and it really helped with my peeling skin. It's quite thick and your skin feels so moisturised after using this. 

Last was the Hydrating Facial Cream, containing 25% pawpaw extract. This cream is really good, it's consistency is quite thick, so you need that extra time to let this cream completely dry into your skin before you apply make up, otherwise it will flake. I loved this cream as a night cream, I used it most for this. 

All these McArthur Products are really great, check them out

These products are Australian so Prices are in Australian Dollar. 

•Scalp Care Shampoo $27.95. 250mls.
•Scalp Care Conditioner $16.95. 250mls.
•Complete Skincare Soap 3pk $19.95.
•Complete Skincare Cream $27.95. 100mls.
•Hydrating Facial Cream $32.95. 50mls.

This week McArthur Natural Products have had a makeover, so check out the new look below on the complete range of products.

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