Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pure Green, 3 Day Juice Cleanse.

Was really excited to try this Pure Green Juice Cleanse, they seem to be so popular at the minute. 

3 days, 12 juices, 4 a day. 

Juices delivered to the door, kept cold on ice, all ready to go for the 3 days. You must Keep the juices in the fridge. 

You get all the information you need and a list of what juices to have when, so it's easy to follow. 

Day 1. Enerjuice.
Scared at first, took a couple of sips, expecting the worst, but then realised that it actually wasn't bad at all. Having made green juices before, I'm aware of the sheer volume of raw materials required to give 500ml.
I do feel kind of hungry and do regret no filling up on carbs the night before!

Liquid Lunch.
Decided to take my time with this one, unlike what i had done earlier with 'Energise' and drank it very fast.
This one was really easy to drink, quite refreshing. However i find swirling it around in your mouth as opposed to chewing it as advised is better and easier. Consistency is a little thicker than energise and slightly sweeter.
I had a very slight headache by this stage, which they advise can happen, but nothing major.

This one is even easier to drink. It's  fruity and tasty and very watery, unlike energise and liquid-lunch that are a bit thicker.
Starving, so not used to not eating, had 2 boiled eggs. (This is okay if needed) 

Ginger tonic
Much like a normal fruit juice in consistency. Drank this one from a glass for a change. 
Tasted delicious and definitely put my food cravings at bay.
Went to bed very early as I felt quite cranky.

Day 2. Enerjuice.
Easy to drink and I took my time drinking it. I knew what to expect from yesterday. Don't feel as hungry and headache was almost gone by this stage. 

As it says on the instructions, toughest of the lot and not for faint hearted. Really took my time with this one as it was really difficult to drink. Not nice tasting at all. This is definitely the worst one for me. 

Ginger tonic.
For some reason this is 3rd on the list to take today. Lovely change from the superjuice. Drank with water. Felt energised but fuzzy headed. Very hungry so I had 2 boiled eggs. (they say you can do this if your very hungry)

Last one of the day. Even more delicious second time around. Stomach rumbles every few minutes. You can actually feel how empty your body is. Head feels kind of numb. Another early night, to stop thinking about food. Very hungry indeed. 

Day 3. Energise.
First one is always easy. Hunger had completely gone. Very mild headache again. All in all feeling good. 

Liquid lunch. 
Easy to drink. Could feel my insides crying with joy as i drank this, hungry again, glad this is the last day.
Had loads of energy, sense of smell has changed. Can smell the slightest thing. Fuziness in my head completely gone also. 

Love this now. I think I was just happy it's nearing the end. A little thicker than the liquid lunch and very beetroot tasting. 
Nearly there, only one left, yay!! 

Ginger tonic.
Lovely way to end the detox. Light refreshing and fruity. Feel like I had loads of energy by this stage. 

Overall the cleanse was very hard at times and something very easy. The early nights definitely helped. I love food so was very hard not to eat like I usually do. 

These cleanses can be great, especially if you've overdone it with rich foods over the last couple of weeks like I did while I was on holiday, as you do. These are raw, cold pressed, 100% natural juices and are full of goodness. Check out the list of ingredients on the website. 

Check these guys out. 

Their raw juice shops are in George's street arcade and Abbey street, Dublin. Their also stocked in shops all over Dublin, check out your local stockist on their website

This 3 day cleanse costs €75 and they have other options available so go take a look. 

Do you think you could do this 3 day cleanse? 

I've lost about 4lbs over the 3 days which is a great bonus for me. 

Take a look at what they've got available, you should definitely try these juices even as part of your diet.  


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