Sunday, 10 August 2014

Studios Cosmetics!!

Was so excited to receive and review these amazing products from Studio Cosmetics. 

First was the beautiful makeup by Glazel Visage.

I've tried the following items:

Glazel visage lip liner €14.50

Glazel visage anti age make up was €29.50 now €20.65

Glazel pearl eye-shadow colour p65 €12.20

Glazel matt eye-shadow colour ms33 €13.80

Glazel visage mascara was €15.50 now €12.40

Glazel visage loose mini eye-shadow colour g3 was €7.90 now €4.75

I Love these make up products, all of them are great to use and wear really well. They have a massive range of make up, check them out

There are lots of discounts available at the moment too so take a look at what's on offer. 

Here's some pictures of the make up on myself using all of the above mentioned Glazel Visage products!

Then there was the Body Products. Oh these are amazing, they smell so good. 

Tutti frutti bath oil cherry and currant 500ml €8.90 now €7.15

Tutti frutti peach and mango body moose 275ml €10.25 

Sweet secret chocolate body wash 225ml € 9.55 now €7.65

If your a chocolate lover like myself, you need to try this chocolate body wash. It's so chocolaty and even looks like chocolate. The whole bathroom smells of chocolate when I use this in the shower, it's amazing. 

The cherry and current bath oil is beautiful, turns your bath water red and it's smells absolutely beautiful, leaves your skin feeling great. You'll love having a soak with this bath oil, it's my favorite. 

The peach and mango body moose is equally as fantastic, used daily, my skin feels great and well moisturised. It also smells delicious, so sweet and fruity and the smell doesn't wear off, I can smell it from my skin throughout the day, which I love. 

Take a look at their website if you haven't already, the extensive range of products is amazing, there's something for everyone and the products are great. 

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