Friday, 1 August 2014

Dream Dots!!

Have you seen these? Dream Dots, Say Goodbye To Spots!! 

I was really excited to try these out, they finally arrived and I had to wait and wait for a blemish to appear, typical.. 

While I was awaiting a blemish to appear, I gave some to 3 family members to sample, there were mixed results from all 3, so I was ever more eager to try them for myself. 

Finally I got to try these out, 2 different types of blemishes, worked really well for one and made it literally disappear the next day. Didn't work as well when I tried it the second time round. 

They are easy to use, after you've washed your face, put these little round clear dots on your blemish and leave them to work overnight and then peel off the next morning. 

I personally love this idea, usually if I've a blemish, I'd use sudocream or tea-tree oil, but as soon as you roll over on the pillow it's wiped off. With these dream dots, its firmly stuck in place to work it's magic overnight, drawing out any 

From my experience so far using Dream Dots, I love them, I'll definitely always have a pack in the house. 

You get 24 dots in a pack for €14.95 

Check them out

They've also got them stocked in most pharmacies so keep your eye out for them and pick up a pack to try for yourself!! 

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