Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Green People, Organic Lifestyle!!

More amazing organic products that I've had the pleasure to review. 

I've been using these products from Green People for the last couple of weeks and they are fantastic organic products.

The day and night cream are amazing, they smell so lovely and my skin feels so moisturised after after using these. I actually look forward to putting these moisturisers on. I love how they feel on my skin and my skin feels in really great condition. They're all organic and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans to use too. Such a treat for your skin. 

The vita min fix 24 hour cream costs €16.95 for 50mls.

The fruitful nights cream also costs €16.95 for 50mls. 

The hand wash is also organic, scent free and perfect for sensitive skin. 
It lasts a really long time and is perfect to use in the kitchen as there's no smell and nothing is transferred when preparing food. Even though it's scent free it leaves your hands feeling fresh smelling. Hard to describe, you should try it for yourself. It also doesn't dry you hands out like some other hand washes do. Absolutely love this hand wash, it leaves your hands in great condition, even if you wash your hands 50 times a day like me, thanks to my 2 year old. 

It's comes in a 300ml bottle and costs €10.55

They have a huge range of organic products. Check them out 

Delivery charge is €5 or if you purchase more then 2 products, delivery is free!! 

Overall the 3 products were really great to use, i would definitely recommend them.

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