Wednesday, 2 July 2014

At Home Beauty Treatments!!

At Home Beauty Treatments!!

We all do it, we buy treatments that we can do ourselves at home. So I've been trying out some great little buys. 

Sanctuary Spa, Time Reversal Face Mask. Costs €2.99 in Boots.

I love this face mask, it's a cream mask so it's doesn't dry out on your face and go hard, which I love, I always find those particular ones very harsh. This mask is quite gentle and soothing on the skin. It's a youth boosting facial, with ultra collagen boosting treatment. Leave it on your face and neck for up to 10 minutes and wash off. It leaves your skin feeling so clean and refreshed. I get two uses out of this pack. 

Keratin Protein Hask. Cost €2.50 in Pennys.

This is a great treatment for your hair, I get 2 uses out of this pack.  Brush it into wet hair and leave in for 10 mins or so and rinse out. This leaves your hair feeling really nourished and conditioned. It prevents weakness and breakage. Once a month I'd leave a treatment like this in my hair overnight. They work a treat. 

Softsole Express, exfoliating foot peel. Costs €2.50 in Bradley's pharmacy. 

Okay these are so funny, they're  little plastic socks filled with the treatment that you put on your feet and leave on for 90 minutes. Long time, yes but I know of ones you can get that need soaking for 120 minutes, so was glad with these ones. It's hard to walk around with them on so you need to be sitting for the 90 minutes. Rinse your feet when finished and wait for the treatment to start working. These treatments work over the course of 2 weeks. Nothing happened until day 5, then my feet start peeling. Yes, it was gross, but it was doing what it was suppose to, so was glad to see it working. It peels for about 5 days, you exfoliate and use your normal hard skin remover to help the process along, but the results are quite good. 

Was happy with all 3 DIY treatments, would recommend them and would buy all 3 again. 

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