Saturday, 1 November 2014

Polar White Pro

This Duo pack costs €24.99 and contains 2 teeth whitening pens. Handy for fast teeth whitening on the go. 

This contains natural whitening enhancer, aloe, pomegranate and chamomile that's kind to your teeth and is peroxide free.  

The brush allows you a precise application, leave on for 20 minutes and it's done. It's fast and effective. Recommended use is twice a week to keep a healthy white smile. 

I love these, as they really are mess free, unlike some whitening kits I've used in the past and the gel would shoot out of the applicator and most of it getting wasted as it squirted on the wall. Yes, this happened several times!!! 

You can carry these in your bag as they're effective for removing staining from coffee to red wine when you're out and about. Ensuring you always have pearly whites. 

Try these today, they're so handy.

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