Tuesday, 28 October 2014


Have a look at these tasty snacks from cocofina. Cocofina meaning "fine coconuts" 

•Did you know that there are over 100 species of coconut!!

I love coconut, so was excited to try these. 

I've tried their coconut water and their organic coconut bars.

The coconut bars come in a few different varieties, I've had the coconut & cocoa, the coconut and date and the coconut macaroon bar. 

I love the coconut macaroon bar, this was my favourite. 

These are a great healthy snack and a great pre-workout snack too. They're also suitable for vegans. 

The coconut water was really tasty too, a natural healthy refreshing drink, you can get these in small cartons to take with you or bigger cartons to pop in the fridge. This works wonders as a mixer for cocktails too. Yummy!!

They have a fantastic range of products on their website www.cocofina.com and these are also stocked in most health stores including "the health store" and "Holland & Barrett" and more. 

Go try these yummy products!! 

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