Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Karora CC Cream & Bronzing Moose.

Ooh was excited to try these products and I love a good tan. 

I used the CC cream first, this amazed me. I put some on my hand and it was a grey speckly colour and I swished my brush around it and it transformed into a normal regular cc cream colour. I must admit, I tired this a few times, I was highly amused. It goes on the face really well as a cc cream, was impressed with the colour and coverage. 

This CC cream is for face and body, covers up any skin imperfections, blemishes, you can even use this on your legs for a night out. It's waterproof and transfer resistant so you need not worry. It covers everything from bruises to varicose vains. It's a really great product. 

This costs €24.99 for 100mls. 

Then there was the Bronzing Moose. 

This is a colour controlled tan, 
1 hour for a sun kissed glow.
2 hours for a more deeper glow. 
3 hours for an more intense colour. 

Although I always leave these tans on overnight though for maximum results. 

Best applied with a tanning mitt, the Karora mitt works amazingly well with these products. 

Made with Bergamont, green tea, aloe and acai berry which are all fantastic for your skin and Rosemary, Argan, lemon and grapefruit essentials oils leaves you smelling delicious and it really does smell amazing!! 

This costs €29.99 for 150mls. 

Check out the website www.karoracosmetics.com

Keep your eye out at your local pharmacy, their stocked in Lloyds, Sam McAuleys and Mcabes. 

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