Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Cold Flame.. LED Candles!!

Oh I'm in love with these very beautiful Candles from Coldflame.ie, a natural wax candle with an LED flame. 

These are fantastic and are a great safe way to still have candles in your home or workplace. They're child and pet friendly and can last 600 - 1000 hours. I love the cosiness of having a candle lighting at night time and these have a perfect natural flickering flame. 

The Candle can be set to ‘On’ giving permanent candlelight until you switch off. The candle can also be set to its five hour timer by sliding the switch to ‘Timer’ and a five hour internal clock begins to count down. Once the timer reaches zero the candle will deactivate. 19 hours later – exactly 24 hours from when you first set the timer the candle will reactivate for another five hours.

The candles create no internal heat so there is no risk of wax melt damage through use of the candle.

There are 3 size candles available at ColdFlame, 5" 7" and 9" and 2 colours available, Ivory white and burgundy red.

5" candles cost €28
7" candles cost €31
9" candles cost €35
A nest of 3 candles cost €85

Check out the website www.coldflame.ie

Phone: 01 4092206
Address: western industrial estate, Dublin 12. 

Enter code "fluffymax" into the coupon slot and receive a 15% discount. 

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