Friday, 30 May 2014

Coconut Oil..

We've all heard lately about the benefits of coconut oil. So Ive tried and tested one from "Ultrapure  Laboratories" I got this one from a local pharmacy Pellys and was inexpensive at just €5.84 for 100g and from what I've used this tub should last a long time. 

This coconut oil is for external use only.

So when I opened the tub, it looked like a big lump of hard wax, I swirled my finger around the top and it started to melt, but quite slowly. At the time the radiator was on, so I sat the tub on top of the radiator for a minute and half the tub had melted, this was the perfect consistency I was after.  

Although there are instructions on the tub on how to melt the oil properly "in a bowl of hot water" So I recommend you follow the instructions given on the label. 

After washing, cleansing and toning my face, I put a very small amount of the oil onto my fingers and moisturized it well into my skin, avoiding the eye area. You only need to use a very small amount on your face as you want the oil to be absorbed into your skin. Even after 10 minutes of having the oil on, my face felt a lot softer. I left this on overnight. 

I then pored some of the melted oil onto my hand and ran my fingers through my hair, I did this a couple of times until my hair was well oiled up. I also put a good amount directly onto my scalp and massaged it in, I then brushed it right through, tied my hair up and left this overnight also.

The next morning after two good long shampoo washes my hair felt so soft and nourished, it really worked well as a hair treatment.

My face also felt really soft and smooth.  

Would definitely recommend you give this coconut oil a try, it works surprisingly well for both treatments. 

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