Monday, 8 December 2014

Christmas Inspiration... Candy Valley, Handmade Sweets!!

Take a look at these very creative beautiful and very tasty handmade sweets and lollipops from Candy Valley

I'm in sweet heaven with all these delicious flavoured candies. They come in variety of sweets, candy canes, lollypops and even popular character lollipops too. 

All their products are handmade from start to finish and are made with cane sugar, a small dose of glucose syrup and natural colours and favours. ( except the blue ) 

These fantastic products are made in the Candy Valley sweet factory in coolmine ind estate, Dublin 15. You can visit the sweet factory where they also have a sweet shop, so you too can enjoy these delicious sweet treats.

They offer 50 different flavours in their candies and lollipops and you can order whatever shape or style of lollipop, so there is something for every occasion. You can combine flavours too. 

They do Santa lollies, Rudolph, Snowflakes, Christmas trees, Hello kitty, Peppa Pig, Olaf (from frozen), red, pink and white roses, candy canes and many many more. 

Candies 100g €2.50
Lollipops €1.00 - €4.00
Special Orders €5.00 - €10.00 

The character lollipops are amazing, they would make great gifts and perfect stocking fillers. Just look at them, their brilliant, children would love these.

The best part of all is all of these taste sooo good, their really really delicious. 

Another great thing the guys at Candy Valley offer is you can visit the factory to see the sweets and lollipops being created and you too can join in the fun and create  your very own lollipop. What a great idea this would be for a treat or a special occasion. 
The production shows take about an hour and are free of charge. If you want to join in, it's costs €5 and this includes your handmade lollipop, a bag of candies and a diploma of junior confectioner. How cute.. I love this idea. 

Their also organising birthday shows too. 

Check out their website for more information. 

You can find these guys at
Dublin 15. 

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