Sunday, 11 October 2015

MeMeMe.. Arch Angel..

absolutely love a good eyebrow product and this duo eyebrow godsend from MeMeMe is fantastic. 

We all love a good well presented, arched brow and god knows we need a quick and easy way of achieving this in the mornings and this product helps do just that. 

The gel helps sculpt and define your brows into shape while adding a tint of colour. It leaves them looking fuller and thicker and the gel holds the brows in shape all day. 

The opposite end contains a highlighting cream for under the brow bone, it has a slight shimmering finish and you can really open the eyes up by adding this to the inner corners of your eyes. It really helps create that flawless definition we all seek. I love this end of the arch angel it's so pretty.  

The gel part is available in 2 shades, light and dark brown, so make sure you test the colour against your brows before you buy. 

You'll love this product, it's a must have for your make up bag.. 

It costs €10.50 and is Available in pharmacies nationwide.  

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