Wednesday, 21 October 2015 Play Mats!!

Who knew a good play mat would be so hard to find? Something as simple as a play mat should be easy to come across. Yes? 

Noooo!!! Would be the answer to that..

We've gone through quite a few types of play mats in our house and none seem to be very suitable for the task involved. 

My 3 year old spends his days playing on the floor, either it's with lego or super hero figures and I'm conscious of him being comfortable while playing down there, as I know when I'm playing on the floor with him, I'm not very comfortable. So plays mats are the way to go. 

The problem I've found with the play mats we've used before are, for example:

This Peppa Pig play mat. The picture speaks for itself. The image just peeled away. It didn't help having those little fingers help it along the way, but as soon as he realised it did this, that was that. A little bit more each day was disappearing. Not a pretty sight to have to look at in your home. This one wasn't cheap either. 

The alphabet play mat. Again the picture says it all really. The numbers pop out, as he's only 3, he's more curious than anything, it wasn't about learning the numbers it was all about popping them out, so what once was a play mat, then became, foam panels with holes. Not ideal to sit and play on. More suitable for an older child I would imagine.

So it leaves us with this one were currently using from I'm feeling hopeful as there are no pictures to peel away and there are no numbers to pop out. Yayyyy!!!! 

•It's a 9 foam panel play mat. 
•Each mat is 30cm x 30cm
•Total are 90cm x 90cm
•Can be used indoors or outdoors
•EVA soft foam 
•Formamide free
•CE approved 
•Easy to keep clean. 

The best part of all is that it only costs €5.99, this is a fantastic price for a play mat. 

Check out their website they have many great products available and offer free delivery on orders over €50. 

The address is:
eCom Park, Botley Lane, Co. Laois, R32 VH29

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