Monday, 2 November 2015

The Body Shop.. Eye Care with Camomile Eye Make Up Remover and Drops OfYouth, Eye Concentrate!!

Eye care is so important as the skin around our eyes is so very delicate, so it's important to remove your eye make up properly without having to scrub and drag your eyes and the delicate skin that surrounds them.

I know it's easy and convenient to grab a face-wipe and remove make up this way, but I find this way drags your skin and sometimes makes you loose a few lashes too which is never good thing.

I've been using this Camomile gentle eye make up remover and It's soo good, it effortlessly removes eye makeup from your lids and lashes in a few simple wipes and leaves them feeling soft and clean with no panda eyes in the morning. It's even great on stubborn waterproof mascara. I honestly can't believe how good this one is, if your a fan of make up removers this is a must have. 

It's suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. 

It costs €13.95 for 250ml

I've also been using Drops Of Youth Eye Concentrate. This is a fantastic little product, it can be used morning and night. 

I love these kind of eye products that you can use before you apply your make up in the mornings. The skin around your eye looks and feels instantly firmer which is great. It drys in quickly too which is a bonus. You can also use this before you apply your regular eye cream. This product is enriched with Edelweiss plant stem cells and is renowned for its skin renewal properties.

This costs €31.50 for 10mls 

They have a fantastic range of eye care Products at The Body Shop. Check them out 

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