Friday, 20 November 2015

ChristmasGift Inspiration... Li'l DaVinci Dynamic Art Cabinet!!

How good of an idea is this art cabinet?  

I absolutely love when my 3 year old brings home his art work from play school, it proudly goes straight on display on the fridge, but eventually there does be no more room and I really really hate having to take some down, so I think this is an absolutely perfect idea. 

It's a stylish and convenient way to display and store your children's artwork. It's available in a black or white frame. 

It can hold up to 50 sheets so you can change the picture every so often and it's a safe way to store those precious memories your little one has made. 

The A4 frame has a latched and hinged glass front door and spring-loaded inner, to quickly turn your child’s art into a masterpiece.

Li’l DaVinci art cabinet highlights:
  • turns your children's artwork into a masterpiece
  • quick and easy to use
  • clever spring-loaded system stores up to 50 sheets
  • boosts child’s self esteem and encourages artistic talent
  • stylish feature in the home
  • quality finished frame and glass hinged door with easy side open latch
  • declutters the home
  • keep safe for important certificates
  • includes metal support for standing up and quick wall hanging template and fittings
  • displayed portrait or landscape
  • unpackaged dimensions: 36.5×27.7×3.5cms approx

15% discount on two or more cabinets ordered!

1 x cabinet - €28.95

2 x cabinets - €57.90 - €49.22
3 x cabinets - €86.85 - €73.82
4 x cabinets - €115.80 - €98.43

Check out the website below for more gift ideas and inspiration, there's some really great stuff on there. 

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