Wednesday, 11 June 2014

PIXY become enchanted by the magic..

I have done just that. 

Oh I love, love, love these products. They're just so pretty and nice and they smell really beautiful. They're all handmade in Ireland and made from natural products. They contain lovely ingredients such as essential oils and vitamin E to name a few. 

There website is easy to use and they deliver for free within Ireland on orders over €10, which is great. 

The Strawberry Shower Moose is so lovely, it costs €12.95 for 300ml, this stuff is amazing, it comes in the cutest jar and tucked under the lid is a sponge too. It's so nice to use and it smells beautiful. I literally smelt of strawberries for hours. I'm in love with this shower moose. 

I've also tried the Lime Body Scrub Cubes, they cost €4.95 for 6 cubes. They're absolutely brilliant, they're a little  soap exfoliator, so you scrub your skin with the rough side of the cube. They left my skin really smooth. They're also really good for removing fake tan from stubborn patchy areas. 

I've also used the bath bombs, I love bath bombs, so far I've tried the tutti fruity one, it's really nice and turned my bath pink, love it.. These cost €3.45 but they have lots of other scented ones too.. 

I absolutely love these Pixy products there really lovely. 

I definitely recommended you check this company out because we all deserve nice things and these Pixy products are soooo nice. 

They would make really beautiful presents too. The gift sets look amazing and it's something different and I love supporting irish companies. 

Take a look at there website 
You can order online or get a list of local stockists. 

You'll love these products.. 

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