Thursday, 5 June 2014


I seen this Rimmel eyeliner pack in Lloyds pharmacy and I was very excited to open the box and have a look at the products.

€7.99 for a waterproof gel eyeliner with a professional brush.. Bargain!!!

I absolutely love gel eyeliners, I have pencils, pen liners, liquid liners, but my favorite are definitely gel liners. They're a lot easier to use than the rest, applied with a good brush, it's so easy to glide the liner on without any hassle. 

This Rimmel gel liner is great, I found it really easy to use. You can go from a defined look to a more dramatic look very easily by drawing a thin or thick line from the inner to the outer corners of your eyes. 

I got my line first time, there was no smudging or mess, the brush is quite easy to use, I'd usually use a mac angled brush for this type of gel liner, but I was pleasantly surprised with this little brush and how well it worked. 

It wore quite well, there was no transfer to my upper lid and I tried it out on a hot day too. It also washed off easily enough with a regular make up remover wipe.

This gel liner is also suitable for sensitive eyes and for contact wearers.

This definitely gets a thumbs up from me!

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